Italy. The “Damn spell” has been broken by the rage of the young generations

The decision of Italian parliament openly shows us two tendencies:

1. The fragility of our politic cast and its inadequacy, considering all the political parties, the one who stands for Berlusconi rather than the for the oppositions parties.

2. The growing division between the motions of the governative Palaces and the people’s instances. The social sector the most attacked, is the young one: the instances of the young generations are openly denied and repressed by all the institutional parties.

On December the 14th the social riot exploded in Rome but it has been months since the students discuss into the Universities and into the high schools. This fact is the symbol of a great protest that breaks the damn spell in which the society was keeping its balance.

Talking about the society conflicts, someone accuse the Black-Block as responsible for everything, and refuse to accept the reality of the events; someone compare the actually situation to the 70s one, thinking that 70s history should had gone and missing to understand the mess of all European society in front of and into the crisis (only think to several protests in Greece, UK, and in others EU countries).

It is true indeed, that there are some relationship with the 70s struggles, but the content of the conflict is different.

This is a movement of young people that is going to become new proletarians: facing the crisis, it is showing all the contradictions between what is expected to be and what is the reality. While in the 60s and 90s the class movement was struggle to become a new ruling class, now this movement grows in a world where every social perspective is close for people and for the future.

It’s has been 18 years since politicians, ruling casts, economists, medias and even trade union delegates have said to young people to forget a good job and a good salary (since 1992, with the TUE). Young people should accept precariousness, forget a pension, doesn’t hope to pay the right price for a house or to have access to a good education system.

Those men even tried to play this game against the rights of the workers who struggle for their rights 40 years ago trough austerity programs imposed by EU.

How could they think that this social massacre didn’t promote a hard struggle?

The student movement is drawing a stop line at the political game that plays against the popular classes, and is promoting a new seasons of social conflict at European level.

Form this movement, we must restart with a great openly anti-capitalist protest and with a strong communist subjectivity inside.

December the 15th

Rete dei Comunisti – Italy


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